I’m Anastasiia
What I can
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  • UX & UI designER
  • Web designER
The way I
work is simple yet breathtaking
My priority is to make your business stand out from the crowd. Take this seriously and creatively.

Creating an outstanding product is a synergy of creativity and in-depth analysis. Research and analysis are always in the first place, and only after that stunning design appear.

In-deep analysis allows you to get to the true needs of both sides: your users and your business. This allows you to prepare a unique design that will set you apart from the crowd and make your digital product work for you.

My Workflow
  • 01
    Collect all important information such as business goals and define the target audience, discover the real user needs, check competitors. Experiment with ideas to solve the problems and serve the users.
  • 02
    Creating personas and digital wireframe. Focus on details now, working on the architecture of the screen, focus on layout and interaction. Prepare prototypes and test them.
  • 03
    Once architecture and interaction are ready, it’s time to start working on high fidelity. It’s time when the product starts to shine, when you color it, choosing typography. Design all feelings and emotions that we want to show to our users.
  • 04
    After finishing the design, we need to double-check all previous decisions, test the complete result before providing everything to developers. Run first impression testing, usability testing, and A/B tests.
  • 05
    Fix if something was missed, provide redlines, sources and animations to developers. Coordinate with them during design implementation and the best product is ready!
Anastasiia Kozak
Product designer
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